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Gingerbread Houses

Gingerbread House Contest

This page is for registering to compete in the Gingerbread House Contest Only. 

If you're looking to purchase tickets to see the Gingerbread House Contest and Visit Mrs. Claus Cookie Shop, you can purchase tickets on the Mrs. Claus' Cookie Shop page.

The 2023 Port Jefferson Gingerbread House Contest is held during the Annual Port Jefferson Dickens Festival

This year the festival will be held Dec. 2nd and 3rd. Gingerbread House Contest entries will be on display at the Port Jefferson Masonic Temple the entire weekend with winners to be selected Sunday afternoon at 4:00 PM. 

The Port Jefferson Masonic Temple is located at:
312 Main St. Port Jefferson, NY 11777

If you have questions about this contest please contact us via email or telephone.

(631) 500-0721‬

The Gingerbread House Contest is sponsored by Suffolk Lodge No. 60 Free & Accepted Masons

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Gingerbread House Masonic Temple


Unleash your imagination

In gingerbread house making, the sky is the limit for your creativity. Think beyond traditional designs and colors. Let your imagination run wild with unconventional ideas - maybe a gingerbread space station or a fantasy castle. This is your canvas to illustrate a story or a dream in edible form.


Attention to detail

Small details can transform a simple gingerbread house into a masterpiece. Focus on intricate icing patterns, tiny candy windowpanes, or even small gingerbread figures to bring your creation to life. These details not only show off your skill but also make your gingerbread house uniquely yours.

Gingerbread House Mill
Gingerbread House Charles Dickens


Color texture and play

Experiment with a variety of colors and textures. Use different types of candy, icing, and edible decorations to create contrasts and highlights. This can add depth and vibrancy to your gingerbread house, making it visually striking and delightful.


Fun and enjoyment

Remember, the heart of this competition is enjoyment and celebration. Don't stress over perfection. Enjoy the process of creating, laughing, and maybe even making a bit of a mess. The joy you find in building your gingerbread house will shine through in your final creation.

Gingerbread House Watermill
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